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Dignity for the body Peace for the Soul

An introduction to Jewish Burial Customs

What happens to the soul after death
...should make all the difference in your burial decisions.

Shmirah/The Vigil
From the moment of death to the moment of burial, the body is never left alone.

Tahara/The Preparation
The body leaves the world the way it entered

Tachrichim/The Shroud
Dressing for the final Yom Kippur.

Aron/The Casket
Allowing the body's natural return to the dust to be as swift as possible.

Kvura BiKarka/In-Ground Burial
The natural decomposition of the body is of utmost importance in Jewish Law.

The Role of the Chevra Kadisha/Burial Society
Preparing a fellow Jew for burial is an especially great mitzvah.

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