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Tachrichim/the Shroud

The neshama is about to face its final Judgment Day, and clothes don't matter -- good deeds do. 

This is why every Jew is buried exactly alike in a handmade, simple, perfectly clean, white shroud which includes a white hat, shirt, pants, coat and belt.  Men are dressed in a tallis (prayer shawl). 

The shrouds have no pockets to accentuate the fact that no worldly belongings accompany the deceased.  The shrouds are modeled after the white uniform worn by the High Priest in the Holy Temple on Yom Kippur, when he stood before G-D asking for the needs of his family and the entire Jewish People. 

These shrouds are, therefore, especially appropriate because each and every neshama asks for the needs of his or her family on the final Judgment Day.


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