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  You have recently become charged with the responsibility to ensure the burial of a Jewish relative or friend with dignity through observance of Jewish rituals.  The problem is that you have no idea where to begin or who to call.  We want to help.  We've provided a checklist, explanations and contact names and numbers that you can view and print. 
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  Did You Know?
  The word "shiva" means seven in Hebrew referring to the seven intense days of mourning after the death of a close relative.
  Resources at a Glance
This site has been prepared for Jewish men and women who have lost loved ones.
To comfort you and assist you in understanding Jewish customs and concepts that relate to death, burial, mourning and afterlife are presented.
To help, we have created special sections designed for those who are preparing funeral and burial arangements for a close relative or loved one and wish to do things according to Jewish custom, but are unsure how to proceed.
To decrease your stress, we have created several preparation tools to help simplify matters in this painful and difficult time.

In addition, we have information and resources for health care providers and care facilities including printable material that may be made avialable to families in need.

We call our site Chesed V'emes which means (in Hebrew) "true kindness". Attending to the dignified burial of a fellow Jew is called a true kindness because the deceased is entirely reliant upon you for their final needs. And it is a true kindness when we help someone who is unable to help themselves or even show appreciation for the help.

We are sorry for your loss.
May G-D comfort you among all of the mouners of Zion and Jerusalem.

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